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the hudhud family

Hudhud believes the ethical obligation in benefiting society at large is not only our duty, but our way of sustainability. True success for us means being able to empower and build a bright future for our communities.

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Mentorship Program

Hudhud’s new mentorship program is all about giving back to our community. This initiative helps our youth by providing one-on-one guidance from mentor to mentee, where the mentor provides insight, gives advice, and shares the challenges they have faced in order to prepare our youth before entering the next chapter of their lives.


As a mentee, if you are hungry to learn, improve and grow, then this program is just for you. This relationship is almost entirely focused on you with the end goal to prepare you for the next steps in your life. Being clear on your needs and also being open to feedback from your mentor is crucial.


One of our main missions at Hudhud is to invest in the success of our youth in the best ways we see fit. Our main goal with the mentorship program is to help mentees find success and gratification in their chosen educational and career paths. Mentoring is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for not only mentees but for the mentors as well.


As a mentor, your job is to advise and train your mentee over the duration of the program in order to better prepare them for the next chapter of their educational or work career. As a mentor, you will share your professional knowledge and expertise in the field and answer relevant questions. Your role is to show support and demonstrate to your mentee what it takes to succeed in the field and help your mentee figure out how to tackle challenges as they arise

The community

“Waa SHIRKAT Somaliyeed shaqadeeda hufantahay rabtana RIBAXA ay hesho wax kasiiso DANYARTA Somaliyeed ee u baahan WAXBARASHO ee aan wax ka iibsanno si leesutaakuleeyo oo aan iskaalmeeynno Somaliyeey inshaaAllaah.”

Hilowle Mohamed

“I signed up for Hudhud’s high speed internet a few months ago and love it. Besides all your great services, what I’m most intrigued about is how you continue to give back to our community by sponsoring sports teams and awarding scholarships to our youth.”

Mohamed Mao



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